LIL Groovers

LIL Groovers

Discover the magic of ballet at PAWS Studios with our Lil Ballet classes, a part of the enchanting Lil Groovers Pre School Dance Program! Ideal for aspiring young dancers who love to twirl and leap into a world of imagination and elegance.

At PAWS Studios, our little ballerinas embark on a captivating ballet journey under Tippy the unicorn's guidance. Each class is an adventure, combining the basics of ballet with a sprinkle of fun and creativity. As they glide along Tippy’s Tightrope, our dancers learn essential ballet skills, nurtured in an atmosphere of joy and self-expression.

Enroll your child in PAWS Studios' Lil Ballet for an unforgettable experience where dance, imagination, and confidence intertwine. Join us for a ballet adventure where every leap and twirl is a step towards a lifelong love for dance

Unleash your little one's inner pop star with PAWS Studios' Lil Jazz Class, a standout part of our Preschool Dance Classes in Penrith. Designed for those who can't help but dance and sing, this class is a rhythmic explosion of fun and flair!

At PAWS Studios, our Lil Jazz Class is more than just a dance lesson; it's a gateway to a world of vibrant energy and dynamic beats. Watch in awe as your preschooler shimmies, leaps, and turns, embracing the lively spirit of jazz. Our energetic instructors guide each mini superstar through routines set to the latest pop hits, ensuring every class is buzzing with excitement and creativity.

Lil Jazz at PAWS Studios isn't just about mastering dance moves; it's an experience of joyous music and exhilarating self-expression. Every hop, twirl, and step is an adventure in creativity, helping your child build confidence and skills in a supportive, fun-filled environment.

Dive into the vibrant world of Lil Hip Hop at PAWS Studios, where your little one's passion for music and movement comes to life! Perfect for children who love grooving to upbeat tunes, our Lil Hip Hop class is an exciting journey through the world of hip-hop dance.

Lil Hip Hop is more than just a dance class – it's an immersive experience designed to engage and inspire. Our classes focus on mastering the five elements of hip-hop, utilizing visual learning techniques to ensure every child finds their groove. With our specially designed mat, your child will excel in floor work, perfect their footwork, and enhance their balance skills, all while exploring different shapes, colors, and even learning to tell time.

Our class, guided by the incredible Bboy Beatz and Boomah, is not only about mastering dance moves but also about embracing musicality and learning foundational hip-hop positions in a fun, supportive environment. Plus, our educational music will have your child singing their ABCs and discovering fascinating animal facts as they hip-hop through each lesson.

Welcome to PAWS Studios' Lil Ninjas program – an exhilarating adventure tailored for preschoolers with boundless energy and a thirst for excitement! Perfect for young ones who love jumping, rolling, and climbing, Lil Ninjas is the ultimate blend of fun, fitness, and mental agility.

In our Lil Ninjas classes, every week is a new journey, as your child conquers physical challenges, fostering independence and teamwork. This program isn't just about physical prowess; it's a nurturing space that promotes mental resilience, pushing boundaries in a supportive environment.

Designed for children who delight in sports and play, Lil Ninjas helps build essential coordination skills, crucial for dance and other physical activities. But there's more – the program also hones critical thinking through engaging activities like sorting colors and solving puzzles.

Step into the enchanting world of Lil Cheer at PAWS Studios, where your energetic youngster will find a sparkling place to shine! This class is much more than just cheering – it's an experience that focuses on team camaraderie and the vibrant spirit of sportsmanship.

In our delightful Lil Cheer Squad, your child will twirl into a realm of wonder, mastering high jumps and bounces that bring magic to every move. Each Lil Groover will wield their Pom Poms with pride, learning to create strong, synchronized formations. Our Lil Cheer class emphasizes spellbinding, sharp movements, turning every routine into a captivating spectacle.

Your child will transform into a little wizard of cheer, spreading joy and enchantment with each spirited routine. Lil Cheer is an exceptional opportunity for preschoolers to build confidence, embrace teamwork, and discover the thrill of dynamic movements in a lively setting.

Leap into a world of strength, agility, and imagination with PAWS Studios' Lil Acrobats, a signature offering in our Preschool Dance Classes lineup in Penrith. This class isn't just any acrobatics course; it's a thrilling adventure led by Trixz, the flipping fox, who guides young learners through an exploratory journey of flips and fun!

At PAWS Studios, Lil Acrobats is more than just a class; it's an extraordinary voyage into the foundations of acrobatic skills. Each week, our Lil Groovers embark on a new adventure to different destinations, where they master foundational techniques like straddles, bunny hops, and pikes. Our expert teachers, alongside specialised acrobatic mats, ensure each child develops balance, flexibility, and strength in a safe and supportive environment.

But the adventure doesn't end there! Trixz adds a unique twist by intertwining acrobatics with literacy. Our Lil Groovers flip through captivating books that whisk them away to magical lands, enriching their minds as they strengthen their bodies. This innovative approach ensures a holistic development experience, combining physical skills with a love for reading.

Welcome to PAWS Studios' Lil Tap class, the perfect place for your little one to step into the enchanting world of tap dance! Ideal for preschoolers who can't help but move their feet to the rhythm, Lil Tap offers a unique opportunity to explore the captivating world of sound and movement.

In our Lil Tap class, children will experience the joy of creating music with their feet, learning lively shuffles and the sweet melody of heel taps. Each class is a rhythm-filled adventure, tuning their ears to the magical beats and nurturing a profound sense of musicality. It's more than just a tap class; it's a symphony of steps where every shuffle and tap is a step towards mastery.

As your child delves into the world of tap, they'll not only develop their dance skills but also improve their balance, coordination, and rhythm. Our Lil Tap classes are about embracing the joy of dance and the thrill of creating rhythm with every footstep.



Our girls have now been going to Paws for a almost year now and they couldn't be more happy and excited about dancing again. From the moment we stepped in the doors everyone was so welcoming and friendly, So much variety in dance genres and singing to drama we knew this was the place for us! The amazing teachers have so much love and passion in what they do and and all the kids absolutely adore them. We are so excited to see what the future at Paws brings for our girls I know it is going to be incredible.

Janna T.

Amazing studio, my daughter has been thriving under the leadership of the incredible teachers and staff at PAWS. The families have also been welcoming and friendly. Love being a part of the PAWS family.

Rebekah E.



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@ Copyright 2024 - PAWS Studios - All rights reserved